Stoller South Africa is a subsidiary of the Stoller Group, the world leader in the development and sales of Plant Performance Products. Stoller is in more than 62 countries with each active in Research & Development and distribution of Stoller products.

Stoller’s international work has propelled them into the forefront of the crop-health, crop-nutrition market.

Stoller was established more than 45 years ago by Jerry Stoller, who is recognized globally as a leading authority on plant health and nutrition. Stoller carries a complete range of advanced specialty fertilisers and nutrients that can be applied through all plant stages and on all crop varieties, in addition to other Stoller Plant Performance Products.

Stoller Group is dedicated to helping growers understand a seed’s inherent genetic potential and the benefits of naturally maintaining a plant’s hormonal balance from germination to maturity. By introducing Stoller’s advanced and patented formulations of macro-, secondary-, and micro-nutrients growers realize a genetic expression where yield quality and quantity is increased. Confidence in Stoller’s unique approach is evidenced worldwide by growers selecting Stoller products that incorporate the nutrients and other co-factors that promote optimum plant health obtained through proper hormonal balance.

The result is healthier, more productive plants better able to withstand biotic and abiotic stresses enabling them to reach their genetic potential.

Stoller’s Plant Performance Products can be used either as a preventative or an in-season curative treatment program.