Technology that aims to maximize biological nitrogen fixation.


It is a liquid fertilizer which is efficiently taken up by plants. It contains cobalt and molybdenum which is important for the process of biological nitrogen fixation.


Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is a process in which nitrogen gas (N2) from the atmosphere is made available to plants with the help of certain soil micro-organisms.

Why use Cobalt and Molybdenum?

Co: Cobalt is part of the molecule cobalamin (vitamin B12) which is important during metabolic processes inside the nodule. This includes a role in the formation of leghaemoglobin, a substance that regulates the amount of oxygen in the nodule, facilitating the proper functioning of the enzyme nitrogenase. The lack of or reduced availability of Co in the nodule severely impairs the fixation of nitrogen.

Mo: Molybdenum is a constituent of the enzyme nitrogenase, which is the catalyst for the transformation of atmospheric N2 into ammonia (NH3) in the nodule. Ammonia is transported via xylem to the shoot in the form of ureides. In addition, it is also part of the nitrate reductase enzyme, that reduce nitrate (NO-3) to nitrite (NO-2). This reaction is critical for the production of protein in most crops.

FEATURE Co-Mo Platinum
Proof of efficiency – Several research projects and field trials returning a high level of positive results;
Quality warranty – Amount of Co and Mo according to official recommendation*;
– Completely soluble in water; better absorption efficiency;
Compatibility with inoculants – pH close to neutral;
– Raw materials free of impurities;
– Presence of chelation complex;
Cost-benefit ratio – Low investment with high return; enhanced productivity and profitability;
*Co: 2-3 g/ha / Mo: 20-30 g/ha


– Enhances nitrogen fixation;
– Promotes rapid and vigorous plant growth;
– Increased productivity;
– Greater profitability for the farmer;


With seed application ALWAYS use graphite to improve plant ability. When using high volumes of liquid and or when low temperatures prevail that make it difficult to dry, an effective alternative is to apply 50% of the recommended Co-Mo Platinum rate on the seed and 50% as (V4 to V6) leaf application or 100% as (V4 to V6) leaf application.