Technology that aims to promote the correct hormone balance, reduce stress and enhance development and production efficiency of plants.


A physiological tool to increase plant productivity through reducing stress ethylene levels and therefore the negative effects caused by stress. In addition, its nutrient composition enhances BNF that contributes to the supply and use of nitrogen.

Why apply Hold?

It reduces damage caused by stress and increases flower fertility and fruit set: The high concentration of cobalt minimizes the synthesis of ethylene caused by stress and aging of the plant. Less ethylene contributes to greater retention of flowers and fruits.

Hold increases plant resistance to diseases: Co plays an important role in the formation of defense compounds that slows senescence of plants, making it difficult for pathogens to enter the plant. Molybdenum (Mo) also prevents the accumulation of nitrate in the leaves on which pathogens feed.

The presence of Mo improves the utilization of N: The supply of Mo at the time of increased demand for N maximizes the biological fixation of N and supports the nitrate reductase enzyme (to improve the use of N). This help provide the necessary amounts of N to plants.

Proof of efficiency – Research and field demonstration trials show high levels of increased productivity;
Supply of key nutrients – Reduction in ethylene production;
– Better use of nitrogen;
– Strengthens plant resistance to diseases;
High quality formulation – Completely soluble for easy absorption;


– Inhibits the production of ethylene;
– Less damage caused by stress;
– Greater resistance of plants to diseases;
– Greater retention of flowers and fruits;
– Better use of N;
– Increased productivity;
– Greater profitability for the farmer.