Technology that aims to promote the correct hormone balance, reduce stress and enhance development and production efficiency of plants.


Mover is a micronutrient complex that improves efficiency of grain filling. Its physiological actions supports the transport of sugars from the leaves to the sink (grains/fibers). This results in increased weight, better quality and more profitability to the farmer.

Why apply Mover?

This technology contributes significantly to the weight of grains which is an important component of productivity, as well as fiber length in the case of cotton.

B – Promotes the translocation of sugars to the sink (seed/fibers);
Cu – Participates in the process of photosynthesis;
Mo – Improves the use of N and synthesis of proteins;
Zn – Integral to the enzymes that participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates, photosynthesis and the synthesis of proteins and auxins. This contributes to the accumulation of carbohydrates in seed.
Proof of efficiency – Research and field demonstration trials show high levels of increased productivity;
– Supplies the main micronutrients needed for the filling stage of grains;
Supply of key nutrients – Supply of the main micronutrients needed for the filling stage of grains;
– Improved photosynthesis;
– Facilitates the transport of sugars from leaves to grain/fibers.

High quality formulation

– Completely soluble for easy absorption;


– Greater weight, size and quality of grains / fibers;
– Increased productivity;
– Better profitability for the farmer;